Hokkaido Miso aims to utilize the natural resources of this land,
along with the proactive and unique traits of each of our Joint Enterprise Cooperatives,
and will - with the thorough demonstration of our
adaptability - push forward to develop products that meet the demands of the international market

Miso Product Qualities

  • 岩田醸造株式会社
KOH-ITTEN Additive-Free Miso
KOH-ITTEN Additive-Free Miso is made from soybeans and rice sourced from Hokkaido and salt, without the inclusion of any additives. An additive-free miso, made with special care for fragrance and taste, resulting in a mild and rich flavor.
KOH-ITTEN TOKACHI Additive-Free Koshi
KOH-ITTEN Additive-Free Koshi is made from Toyo-Haruka soybean strain, perfect for miso and sourced from Memuro Tokachi.
It is made from Yukihikari rice which is sourced from Hokkaido and known for having low allergic properties.
This additive-free light-colored miso is made by fermenting and maturing the selected ingredients that create its aromatic and sweet flavor.
KOH-ITTEN TOKACHI Additive-Free Grain Type
Koh-Itten Additive-Free Grain Type is made from Toyo-Haruka soybean strain sourced from Memuro Tokachi, and is perfect for making into miso.
It is made from Yukihikari rice which is sourced from Hokkaido and known for having low allergic properties.
This additive-free dark-brown miso is made by fermenting and maturing the selected ingredients that create its aromatic and sweet flavor.
  • 福山醸造株式会社
  • Fukuyama Jyozo Co.,Ltd.
Tomoe Doumin no Miso Shirokoshi
Additive-free miso, made from ingredients sourced in Hokkaido.
This additive-free white miso is made with subsoil water from Mt. Daisetsuzan and the careful fermentation process gave it the refined flavor of sweet rice-koji.
Tomoe Inaka Miso-Genen
A healthier option, now with less salt. Recommended to all who wish to cut down on salt intake.
In comparison to our other products, the salt content is cut by 50%.
Tomoe miso Pirika
Miso made from functional (Hokkaido-grown Yukipirika) soybean.
This miso contains high quantity of isoflavone (approx. 2.8 times more than our other products).
  • 日本清酒株式会社
  • Nippon Seishu Co., Ltd.
Kirijirushi Shirozukuri Miso
Refined flavor with the aromas and umami of traditional miso.
Standard product of Kotobuki Miso, used in a variety of cooking styles.
Kirijirushi Inakazukuri Miso
Dark-brown miso paste produced through an extended maturation process, resulting in a rich harmony of aromas and umami. Used along with Kirijirushi White Miso also at Kotobuki Miso.
Kinjirushi Shirokoshi Miso Cup
By using only 100% Hokkaido-sourced soybeans and maturing them for an extended period of time, a rich but mild flavored miso that has a great balance of body and umami is born.
  • 渋谷醸造株式会社
  • Shibuya Fermentation Co.,Ltd.
Tokachi Soybean Miso-Koshi Miso
Through application of traditional methods, this additive-free miso is handmade and matured slowly for over a year.
It is made from sweet-flavored Hokkaido rice, along with soybeans sourced from Honbetsu Tokachi Hokkaido that are full of protein and the source of its umami.
The long maturation and fermentation processes result in a sweet aroma that triggers your hunger, making this product great for use with a wide variety of ingredients, such as the seaweed in miso soup, tofu, vegetables, asari and shijimi clams, and many other.
This miso is also perfect for reducing unwanted smell and is great for finishing touches on grilled rice balls, seafood hot-pots, salmon chan chan yaki and miso marinade for meat.
Tokachi Honbetsu Kireimame Black Soy Bean Miso
It is made from sweet Hokkaido rice and whole black soybeans sourced from Honbetsu Tokachi Hokkaido, which is rich with protein, the source of umami.
This additive-free miso was hand made using traditional methods and was matured for as long as two years. Its sweet scent produced by a long-term maturing fermentation is appetizing, and it is rich and sweet in flavor as whole black soybeans are used, including the skin.
It is perfect for miso soup as well as grilled rice balls, miso flavored ground meat, Chinese style hot pot, and oyster hot pot. You can also make sweet miso sauce and use it for meat dishes, grilled fish, twice-cooked pork, and stir-fried meat and vegetables.
Tokachi Miso Caramel Sauce
Special additive-free, low-sodium miso caramel sauce, made with soybeans sourced from Tokachi, Hokkaido, by reducing the sodium to 3% or lower and bringing out the sweetness of rice malt.
It is healthy as sugar and additives are not used, and its sweetness is natural, coming from rice malt, which is fermented rice. It is refreshingly sweet and goes well as a dip with tomatoes and other vegetables.
It can also be a spread for your bread or sauce for ice cream, mousse, pudding, grilled rice balls, teriyaki chicken, steak with miso sauce, grilled fish, or stir-fried salmon and vegetables.
  • 倉繁醸造株式会社
  • Kurashige jozo Co., Ltd.
Marukura Miso
PREMIUM MISO made in Hokkaido. Made from soybeans and 100% koji shikomi rice sourced from Hokkaido.
Hamanasu Miso
Named after the flower of Hokkaido, the hamanasu (rugosa rose), this miso has a fresh aroma and was matured for a long time through all 4 of Hokkaido seasons
Hokkaido Miso Kura
Incredibly exquisite. Dynamic. This is the taste of miso produced at the northern tip of Japan, on the 44th parallel
  • 服部醸造株式会社
  • Hattori Jozo Co.,Ltd.
“Mai” Hokkaido Miso
Owari branch conceded miso. We offer this miso to the Ise Grand Shrine. Retaining natural flavors through abundant use of high quality soybean (100%) and rice (100%) sourced from Hokkaido. This naturally matured miso is well-rounded and permeated with mild saltiness through utilization of soybean and the sweetness of rice-koji.
“Yakumo” Hokkaido Miso Containing Deep Sea Water
Patiently layered fermenting and maturing processes through utilization of roughly-grained soybeans and pure-white rice-koji from Hokkaido. The subsequent maturation process gifts this miso with an extremely refined taste.
Additionally, it contains deep ocean water, called Japan Sea Proper Water from more than 300 meters under sea level off the coast of Kumaishi. It has a softer texture whencompared to other miso, and this makes the dissolution process for cooking easy, not to mention super delicious.
Also, due to its rich aroma of soybeans that traditionally adorn miso, this product is perfect as a dipping sauce for vegetables. For cooking / for miso soup / for dipping vegetables, this miso is soft and easily soluble, and thus perfect as a secret additive to your curry and or bolognaise sauce.
OK Miso, White-Grain
Made with plenty of rice-koji, Japanese salt, rice and soybeans produced in from Hokkaido. This miso is slowly and naturally matured, resulting in a richly fragrant and refined aroma, yet having a grainy texture and sweetness.
  • 太田醸造有限会社
  • Ota Jozo Co.,Ltd.
Suzuran Miso
Due to the high ratio of malted rice, this unpasteurized handmade miso brings out the sweetness of the koji.
Storing at room temperature will further the maturation process and though the colors may darken due to Maillard reaction, umami will increase.
Storing at freezing temperatures will keep the present state, and can be enjoyed without the changes of color.
We hope you will enjoy finding your very own favorite level of maturation.